Buckle Up and Hold On!

Welcome to DRIVE – N: The Car Movie Blog, dedicated to car guys (and gals) written by a car guy.  I’m Ron and I’ll be your guide thru cinema’s best and worst races, chases and crashes.  I’m a gearhead foremost, and love anything car related but I have a real passion for films featuring these automobiles defying gravity and speed limits while roaring thru my home surround speakers and driving my wife crazy.  So what exactly is a car movie you ask?  To me it’s a movie where the plot predominantly revolves around cars or car culture (Gone in 60 Seconds, The Fast Franchise) or a particular race or chase scene is used to further the plot or story (Bullitt).  Variations and combinations of these themes will be used in the selection of films and TV shows I present here with the occasional call out to noteable exceptions here and there.

So sit back, relax and scroll thru box office blockbusters, obscure lost gems and cult favorites from yesteryear and today, as well as news about upcoming and new releases.  Feel free to leave comments on how I can make the blog more enjoyable to read and which movies/TV shows you would like to see featured here.


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